Typical  Cheer Season

Conditioning will start last week in July Wednesday through Friday from 6-8:30 pm at West Bloomfield High School.
Cheer Official practice will start August 1st.
Practice will be WednesdayFriday 6:30-8:00 pm.
Tumble Classes will be optional for $10 per session. Location & Times TBD.
When school starts practice format:
Jr. Freshman 6-8 years old, practice Wednesday– Friday 6-8pm. Cheer on Saturdays.
Freshman 9&10 years old, practice WednesdayFriday 6-8pm. Cheer on Saturdays.
Junior Varsity 11 & 12 years olds, practice WednesdayFriday 6-8pm.  Cheer on Saturdays.
Varsity 12-14 years old Tuesday  – Friday 6-8pm. Cheer on Saturday’s
Games start 3rd week in August.
4 home games
4 away games
Cheerleaders will cheer during Playoffs.
Super usually is at the end of October. Additional practice may
Cheer Times
Junior Freshman
Freshman 12:00 noon
Junior Varsity 2 p.m.
Varsity 4 p.m.
We provide Cheer Uniform
Cheer Jogging Suit (Cheerleaders will keep Jogging Suit at the end of the season).
Additional practice may be scheduled to get ready for Super Cheer.
We will try to Schedule the cheerleaders to perform at halftime of a Detroit Pistons game. Our Cheerleaders performed at half time in 2014-2016.
Cheer Uniform must be returned at the end of the season.