Board Members

Semaj Morgan: President/Coach

Board of Directors President Semaj T. Morgan has been apart of the West Bloomfield Lions for 5 years.  He has over five years of coaching experience. He and his family have been residents of the West Bloomfield Community for over 10 years.  He has coached the “Junior Freshman, WB Lions with dedication and pride that excelled and propelled his passion for Youth Football.  Currently, he serves as the WB Lions JV, Head Coach, and  continues to make huge strides to see every player on the team succeed.  He graduated from Central Michigan University, and he continues to support the “Chippewa’s” every chance he gets!  Semaj has lead the WB Lions to a determination that is second to none.  The techniques that he displays on and off the field for each player, make his players and their families feel a connection with the exciting game of football.  As he leads the WB Lions with passion, dedication and loyalty to the sport; he embarks to make the West Bloomfield Lions a team where every child knows the game and excel in becoming Mighty Young Athletes of Valor, where discipline and hard work will pay off in their future endeavors in the sport of football.

Thabiti Tucker: Vice President